Writing contest!

Does the locked door at the Troll’s Head, deep in the Shades of Ankh-Morpork, lead to some secret treasury of the city’s secret ruling conspiracy? A hidden temple to Eight-Armed Bel-Shamhawossit? Mrs. Cake’s repository of pie recipes? The public must know!

For this reason, the Green Slab presents a writing contest. Get through that door, whether literally or in your own imagination, and tell us in roughly 300 to 500 words what’s in there. Make it funny, make it dramatic, make it whatever you want, but make it entertaining!

The winning entries will be published in next month’s edition, and there will of course be shiny rhinus to the chosen submissions.

Contest rules

  • Entries must be 300-500 words long. If they’re longer than that they better be really, really good.
  • Entries must be mailed to Andrew no later than December 10.
  • You can submit as many entries from as many alts as you like.
  • Entries can be free-form writing, iconographs, paintings, trained parrots, whatever your preference.


About Andrew d'Ackerley

Earl of Briarwyld, Skund; Knight of Ankh-Morpork; Doctor of Languages at the Assassins’ Guild; Master of Dance and Deportment at the Assassins’ Guild; Senior Lecturer in Languages at the Assassins’ Guild, House Master of Cobra House, the Assassins’ Guild.
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