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An Assassin and a Vampire

(This log predates the Pits.) Raleigh Montague says to Daimon: Oh hey. Raleigh Montague looks surprised. “For a second I thought I was home.” Daimon says with an Uberwaldean accent: Naw, I were kind of hoping to run into you … Continue reading

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Almanac de Gothick: Danilo Vlozy

The following being a (modest) entry (for a vampire) from the Almanac de Gothick, the peerage record of Uberwald and kingdoms therewithin. Vlozy, Danilo Mikhailovich Vsevolod Immanuil Vanya Glitz-FitzRaimond Born 1788; Deceased 1829, 1912, 2010. Sire: Vlozy, Mikhailovich I. A. … Continue reading

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A Bouquet of Blood

Alaia looks at the address book in her hand, and looks up blankly at the spot on the street where her address is supposed to be. Daimon flies through the night on silent wings, navigating the city as he knows … Continue reading

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