How do I register? Can I register as more than one character?

Registering a character is easy, and you can register as many as you want. Once you have registered as a regular user with read access only, you should whisper or mail Andrew in DiscworldMUD to get posting privileges. If the site currently does not allow you to register it means we’ve had to close registrations due to phishers — mudmail Andrew in the game to have an account made for you. I’m sorry it has to be cumbersome like that, but bot spammers are a pain.

You will need a separate email address per character you wish to open an account for.

What am I allowed to post?

Anything that relates to roleplay on DiscworldMUD, be it logs of roleplay, letters, notes, observations, or even out of character speculations or artwork. We request that you keep posts PG-13 (i.e. no explicit sexual reference or gore).

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