No Town For Young Girls

This is a large commercial property. The ceiling is open wood beams, the floor is covered with an intricate pattern in red oak parquet and the other surfaces are papered with Lancre green marbled wallpaper on which is a glittery dark orange stencil of a fox. Dozing against the south wall is an old gold leather sofa opposite which stands a large shop counter. Near the large shop counter is an ornamental huamu wood chest. Standing against the east wall is a massive ebony bookcase facing which lurks an old redwood writing desk. Around the massive ebony bookcase are two forest green wardrobes. Hanging on the north wall is a blackboard. Hanging from the centre of the ceiling is a caged greeter imp. At the old redwood writing desk is a wicker chair. Behind you the west door leads to the south side of the Plaza of Broken Moons.
There is one obvious exit: backward.

Tippy opens the west door.
Tippy arrives from outside.
Tippy closes the west door.

The caged greeter imp exclaims in Morporkian: Be sure to browse all our stock! Something for everyone!

Daimon greets Tippy.

Tippy starts as she recognises Daimon from the other day in the Drum. She waves hello.

Daimon asks Tippy in Morporkian: Heya! Escaped from the Drum as well in one piece too, yeah?

Tippy looks at the stock in the shop as she nods. “Yeah, just about.”

Daimon says in Morporkian: I stuck around a bit longer than as you did, ended up watching three folks shagging on a table.

Daimon says in Morporkian: I ain’t no prude but…

Tippy laughs as she gestures to the sofa. “May I?”

Daimon nods goodnaturely and scoots a bit to the side.

Tippy sits on the old gold leather sofa.

Daimon says in Morporkian: Sure thing, Her Pozness wants this to be a place where folks just come for a chat, too.

You see Tippy.
She is a strapping young human lass.
Tippy has large green eyes, enhanced further by long black eyelashes, and a small sharp nose, below which is a full red mouth which may owe part of its redness to lipstick. Her high cheekbones have a smattering of freckles, and she has dimples in both her cheeks when she smiles. She is of average height, neither tall nor short, and very slim, but manages to be curvaceous at the same time. She has thick red curls that reach almost to her waist and that she wears loose, so that her hair is constantly whipped about by the wind. It’s impossible to tell her age – late teens or early twenties is the best you can do. She seems shy, although really good-natured and eager to please.
Her oval face is sweet and pretty, with the classic features of a redhead: green eyes, freckles and smooth creamy white skin.
She has masses of red curls that go down to her waist.
Her neck is slender and swan-like.
The nails at the tips of her long slender fingers are painted a deep red.
She is in good shape.
She is sitting on the old gold leather sofa.
Wearing : a pair of baby pink knee-high boots, a skimpy white miniskirt, a tight pink t-shirt, a bubble-coloured hemp bag and a painted porcelain cameo pendant.

Daimon says to Tippy in Morporkian: Kinda weird this big town ain’t got a nice quiet bar where you can meet folks and slack off and it ain’t about somebody getting laid, though.

Tippy crosses one leg over the other as she looks at Daimon. “Her – Pozness?” She sighs. “Well, I dunno. I guess I got to hang out in the Drum a bit and be seen or something.”

Daimon gestures to the place. “Lady PozPaws. She owns this place with some other folks. She’s very posh.”

Tippy looks a bit wistful. “Oh I see. Very rich and beautiful too I’m guessing.”

Daimon says in Morporkian: I never were so great with the whole frills and curtseys around nobles.

Daimon says to Tippy in Morporkian: Yeah, pretty much. Decent employer, though. Makes me feel like she actually values my work. Her husband hates me though.

Tippy says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: I grew up on Cockbill Street, we got to see them go past, or meet them all cleaned up once a year when they came to give us Hogswatch presents.

Tippy dreamily says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: And you always wonder you know what that must be like.

Tippy says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: To have it all.

Daimon says in Morporkian: I’m from Uberwald myself but I reckon that ain’t something as endears the nobs to you.

Tippy shakes her head. “No, I don’t think so.”

Daimon says to Tippy in Morporkian: Can’t tell a nob from a pauper in the taste. Folks are just folks.

Tippy asks Daimon in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: Taste?

Daimon says to Tippy in Morporkian: Yeah. You know. The blood.

Tippy looks a bit surprised. “Oh I keep forgetting you’re a vampire.”

Tippy closes her mouth again.

Daimon offers a bright white grin. “I’m gonna take that as a compliment.”

Tippy smiles. “It was meant to be one, honestly. Every vampire I ever met before was a bit obsessed. Even the black ribboners can’t stop thinking about blood and they keep talking about their sacrifice, so yeah it was a compliment.”

Daimon nods goodnaturedly. “That’s why as I don’t believe in the League thing. They think about people as food a lot more than I do.”

Daimon says in Morporkian: I’m always worried they’re gonna snap.

Tippy says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: It’s not normal to suppress the instinct to feed.

Tippy says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: People go mad when they’re hungry all the time.

Daimon shakes his head, black locks dancing. “That’s what I keep saying. But, I’ll give ’em this, they managed to convince this city we can be here. It’s nice as to not have to hide.”

Tippy relaxes a bit. “I don’t even know what that must be like for you to be careful all the time.”

Daimon says to Tippy in Morporkian: Ain’t so different from you. You’re a chick in a tough town. Lots of people around that don’t mean well. ‘Specially in the Cockbill Street part of town.

Tippy says to Daimon in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: I never thought of it that way but you’re absolutely right.

Daimon begins to roll a cheap cigarette. “This city… It’s open to everyone but it ain’t -nice-.”

Tippy shakes her red curls. “No, it ain’t nice.”

Daimon holds up the cigarette. “You smoke?”

Tippy shakes her head again. “No, I could never get into it. I don’t mind the odd drink though.”

Daimon says in Morporkian: Think we only got coffee here, but I can put a pot on for sure.

Daimon asks in Morporkian: You can tell me what you do for a living in the meantime — don’t reckon sitting at bars is a full time job, eh?

Tippy leans against the sofa back. “Well I want to be a seamstress, but I kinda don’t want to be like the other girls. Maybe do my own thing.”

Tippy says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: But at the moment I just work in a shop.

Tippy says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: Not like you, though. It’s a clothes shop.

Daimon raises his raven eyebrows. “Yeah? What kinda work are you wanting to do that’s different?”

Tippy admires her new boots. “Dunno. Still thinking about it.”

Tippy shrewdly asks in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: It’s not an easy job either is it?

Daimon conjures up a small flame from his palm and lights the cigarette from it. “Don’t get into anything violent. Some people are really assholes.”

Tippy shakes her head. “No I don’t want that kinda thing.”

Daimon nods. “Good. Ain’t healthy, folks that get off on hurting others.”

Tippy gazes out the window. “I got away from all that shit, I ain’t getting back into it.”

Daimon gives the girl a second look-over. “Sounds like you had a couple of rough encounters already. You in trouble?”

Tippy looks at her hands. “I was born into trouble, I guess you could say. You know the usual.”

Daimon shakes his head. “Actually, I kinda don’t. I’m from out of town and I ain’t human. You want to talk about it? Not gonna ask if you don’t.”

Tippy looks at you and smiles. “Maybe someday. Daimon.”

Daimon returns the smile. “I ain’t no knight in shining armour, but if you need somebody to tell some guy to back off, I reckon I can look scary for a bit.”

Tippy giggles. “I’m gonna keep that in mind.”

Daimon asks Tippy in Morporkian: So, got any idea what you’re gonna be doing? Posh thing, own house, that sort of thing?

Tippy says to Daimon in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: Wouldn’t that be nice?! But no not at the moment, just starting off small, seeing where I go.

Daimon says in Morporkian: Hmm… Might be you should try and get a room in one of those houses. You know, with Ms Palm.

Daimon says in Morporkian: Might be safer, usually some kinda big beefy bloke there to deal with troublesome customers.

Tippy says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: That’s what somebody else told me too. I just might do that.

Daimon says in Morporkian: I never met Ms Palm myself but I know a handful of girls who worked for her. Says she runs a tight, clean ship.

Tippy says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: I have seen her. And the Agony Aunts too of course.

Daimon says to Tippy in Morporkian: No shit. I’m supposed to be the big bad but when I see them in the street, I’m the one as goes to the other side to get out of the way.

Tippy giggles. “They mean business. Good thing they have each other or nobody will ever talk to them and they’d be lonely.”

Daimon says in Morporkian: I’ve met enough people in my time as wouldn’t think twice of beating up a girl. The Aunts are necessary.

Tippy says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: I wish we had more protection from the law really.

Daimon glances at the door. Never so quiet on the Plaza of Broken Moons as in this hour. “Maybe in a decade or two. Used to be there weren’t really any law. Now there’s the watch and they’re pretty serious about things.”

Tippy looks at the door too. She nods. “I guess these things take time.”

Daimon says to Tippy in Morporkian: Yeah. They got trolls, dwarfs, vampires, even werewolves on the watch now — ain’t gonna be forever until as they realize they might even try women.

Tippy says to you in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: There are a few women. Like Angua.

Daimon says to Tippy in Morporkian: Yeah, but they’re so rare people know their names. Reckon once you stop looking twice at a woman officer, that’s when as the streets start to really become safe for chicks.

Tippy says to Daimon  in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: That’s really true.

Daimon says in Morporkian: Folks say if you have kids you start seeing dangers everywhere. It’s kinda true.

Tippy asks Daimon in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: Do you have kids?

Daimon makes a so-so kind of handwave gesture. “Kinda. My girl’s got a little one.”

Tippy smiles. “That is nice.”

Daimon nods solemnly. “It’s awesome. But it also makes me kinda see all the things I never noticed before. All the things that make me go, “Yeah, my kid’s not gonna have to deal with that.”

Tippy softly says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: She’s a lucky little girl.

Daimon saysin Morporkian: Every kid as got parents who care are lucky little kids.

Tippy nods and sighs. She looks at the clock on the desk. “I have to go Daimon. I have to get back to work.”

Daimon nods, understanding. “It’s been nice. Don’t be shy of coming back around, you hear?”

About Daimon

Daimon is one of the many Uberwaldean vampires who flock to Ankh-Morpork in recent times to eke out an unlife free of persecution and mobs with pitchforks.
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