Issue 133: Year of the Sneezing Slab!

Editorial from Filigree Street by Sir Andrew d’Ackerley

Stranger than Fiction

Agatean Whispers: All the News in Brief! by Wun Divine Grape
The Page Three Glossy: Living Contracts! by Pee Ping Tum
Changing of the Guards! by Guildious Spyium
Flies, Honey and Vinegar by Sir Andrew d’Ackerley
Sun, Sea, Sand, Safari, Sangria and Sandwiches by Angeldust
Tips and Tricks: The Parser by the dustiest librarian
The Cyber Bully by Lady PozPaws d’Ackerley

The Usual Suspects

Whinge of the Month: Kids These Days! by Whiny McSobsalot
He Said She Said: Wizards and Assassins! by Three Scrying Mirrors
The Masked Slab Awakens by The Masked Slab
Recipes from Downtown Morpork by Fat Sally
Igor, Igor, Wherefore Art Thou Igor! by M. D. Snapcase
Book Reviews by Disc Bibliomaniac
Because I’m The Mom: The Parenting Series by Arianna Darcy
Finger Sausages and Cat Bangers: Scandal in the Shambles! by M. D. Snapcase

About Town

Where Is The Emperor (May He Reign A Thousand Years)? by our man in L-Space
Underwater Drinking by a fish fancier
In the Shades by A. Crooner
Roleplay Filks by Aye Dysk Wyte
The Greville-Pipe Prize for Invisibility by the Conlegium Sicariorum PR Representative
The Gladys H. J. Ferguson Award by the Conlegium Sicariorum PR Representative
Places To Take Your Honey (That Won’t Be Overcrowded) Contest by editorial staff
The Year of the Sneezing Panda: What’s in Store for YOU? by Madame Fate


The Porcelain Pagoda by the old fairytale teller
Horrorscopes by Sparkly Windchime
Letters and Classifieds by Abby
The Almanacke and the Poll by a corrupted data handler


About Daimon

Daimon is one of the many Uberwaldean vampires who flock to Ankh-Morpork in recent times to eke out an unlife free of persecution and mobs with pitchforks.
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