Have Some Pride!

This is a large commercial property. The ceiling is open wood beams, the floor is covered with an intricate pattern in antique oak parquet and the other surfaces are papered with powder blue marbled wallpaper on which is a gold stencil of a beautiful fleur de lys. Hanging on the north wall is a blackboard below which stands a deluxe shop counter. Around the deluxe shop counter are two large black wardrobes. Hiding in the southeast corner is a glass-topped oak desk to the left of which squats a carved camphor mahogany chest. Around the glass-topped oak desk are a massive ebony bookcase and a black wicker chair. Imposing against the west wall is a rich old sofa. Near the first carved camphor mahogany chest is another carved camphor mahogany chest. Behind you the south door leads to Filigree Street between two shops.

There is one obvious exit: backward.

Dabria is sitting on the black wicker chair.

Daimon saunters in from the shadows outside and stops flat upon spotting who’s in the wicker chair.

Dabria’s eyes burn a golden yellow as she spots you and she smiles.

Daimon picks a generously sized bat off his shoulder and hangs it upside down from a shelf; it looks content enough. “What do you want?”

Dabria shrugs her shoulder dismissively. “My, your ego hasn’t improved any from being in this city. You still think the world revolves around you.”

Daimon says: Actually, I think you beat up my girlfriend.

Dabria says: Is that what she told you? She’s obviously a chronic liar. You have very poor taste in human women.

Daimon shrugs. “What’s that to you?”

Dabria stretches her legs out to admire her boots. “I meant something to you once.”

Daimon says: Yes. And now you don’t.

Dabria’s eyes flick to the desk and back to your face again. She says in rapid Uberwaldean, “Stop living this nonsensical life and come back to the homeland. You are a vampire. Where is your pride?”

Daimon shrugs again. “Buried under a curse.”

Dabria folds her arms. “That witch who cursed you died and we have found a way to reverse it.”

Daimon’s lavender gaze look her up and down. “Forty years ago, you’d have had me right at that. Now? Meh.”

Daimon asks: Why do you care, anyway?

Dabria gets to her feet and moves to the side of the room as some customers come in. “Why? What’s different now? That woman? Her stupid child?” Her eyes burn into your own. “Don’t you miss it?” She realises she’s whispering loudly and moves to the sofa, looking casual, like a cat caught licking the cream. “To me? I want to save my friend.”

Daimon slowly rolls a cigarette and lights it with a spark that springs from his thumb magically. “You’re not my friend. If you were my friend you’d ask me what I want, rather than assault my girl.”

Dabria perches on the edge of the sofa as her hair shifts lazily from waves to curls. “Even if I admit to doing that, which I don’t, then you know that she is weak.” She grins. “You could snap her in two and drain her body.”

Dabria whispers: Don’t you really really want to?

Daimon says: Nope. I like having her around.

Dabria does her best not to roll her eyes and fails. “WHY? What does she have that I couldn’t give you, or someone else from the clan?” She glances at your smoking with distaste. “Magic? You can do magic now? You must have a death wish.”

Daimon says: Naw. I have a job wish. I’m a scroll scribe. It pays the rent.

Dabria says: What rent? You don’t need a house to live in.

Dabria mockingly exclaims: You’re a vampire!

Daimon says: “But I like having one.” He shrugs again.

Dabria glares at Daimon. “You know, I really have no patience with you Daimon. Leaving me, coming here, taking up with a human woman. I can try to understand all that even though I don’t. But to turn your back on your clan?”

Dabria spits.

Daimon says: I -am- my clan. I’m the last Vlozy unless someone finds a way to drain the Circle Sea and bring my mother back. You got enough pretty boys following you around, you don’t need me.

Dabria exclaims to Daimon: But you needn’t be! Come back with me! You CHOOSE to be the last! You needn’t!

Dabria says to Daimon: Everything we know, everything we are, everything we were born to be. I am not Diadamia, I don’t have any grand plans for expansions or anything that we don’t already have. I won’t be kidnapping an Ankhian noble. But restoring our pride? I am not going to rest until I do.

Dabria quietly says: And you’re a huge part of that.

Daimon shrugs. “I don’t want to be. I like this city. Every day is new here. Back home, same old, same old.”

Dabria throws her hands up in the air. “I can’t talk to you. That woman has taken hold of you and I can’t make her let you go no matter what I try.”

Daimon say to Dabria: Nah, she came later. I had to learn this the hard way and it took decades.

Dabria crosses her legs and looks at the shop’s inventory. She snorts. “Humans. Look at all these things. This city that takes so much from us.”

Daimon says: Does it? Seems to me that if you want go on playing apex predator, you can do it just fine back in the old country. This city’s not going to stop you.

Dabria glances at Daimon. “You know more than anything, I miss you. I miss us.”

Daimon says to Dabria: No, you don’t. You miss watching me rip people apart to amuse you.

Dabria’s eyes smile. “Mm, that too.”

Daimon says: So teach one of your pets to do that.

Dabria looks at his arm so close to her she could almost touch it, but she doesn’t. She knows about crossing lines and what you’ll let her get away with, even here in public. “Nobody does it quite like you.”

Daimon says: Train them better.

Dabria says nothing as she glances out of the window.

Daimon sits on the desk and looks straight at her.

Daimon say: This really is about you feeling a human girl took away your toy, isn’t it? Get over it. She won’t live forever, you will.

Dabria’s eyes meet his. “Don’t be stupid. You were never a toy. You were more.”

You say: And now I’m someone else. You can be happy about it or pissed off about it, it’s not going to change. Do I want to know how you’d remove the curse? Yes. Will I go back to being whom I was fifty years ago? Nope.

Dabria takes advantage of the fact that the shop is pretty crowded at the moment and moves close to you, tracing the lines of your face with a slender finger. “No matter what happens from now on remember I tried to get you back, I tried to stop it, and I tried to tell you I love you still. Just. Remember that.”

Daimon says to Dabria: No. You remember this: If you hurt me and mine, I will destroy you.

Daimon says to Dabria: You leave us alone, I’ll leave you alone.

Dabria says to Daimon: Oh Danilo. You’ve lived among humans too long. That’s no longer how it goes.

Dabria moves away from him and to the door.

Daimon says: You’d be surprised.

Dabria glances back at him. “I doubt it.” She opens the door and slips out into the night.

About Daimon

Daimon is one of the many Uberwaldean vampires who flock to Ankh-Morpork in recent times to eke out an unlife free of persecution and mobs with pitchforks.
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