Green Slab 130 Out

Editorial from Wall Street by Sir Andrew d’Ackerley

Stranger than Fiction

Agatean Whispers by Wun Divine Grape
Page Three Glossy by Pee Ping Tum
Assassins Elect New Leader! What It Means for Business! by M. D. Snapcase
Faceless and Fearless by A Nonny Mouse

The Usual Suspects

Letter to the Editor by Bibbity Bobbity Kabocha
The Hong Fa Silk Market by Sir Andrew d’Ackerley

About Town

Zero Tolerance for Vampires! by A. Blake, Vampire Thumper
Never Buy A Used Horse from Mr. Hobson! by Our Man in the Livery Stables
The Witch Trials 2015 by Mattias


Earth Shake, House Break! by the old fairy tale teller
Catsperiments and Other Things To Do With Cats by Nine Leaping Mice
The Almanacke by a corrupt data handler
Work for the Green Slab by editorial staff


About Andrew d'Ackerley

Earl of Briarwyld, Skund; Knight of Ankh-Morpork; Doctor of Languages at the Assassins’ Guild; Master of Dance and Deportment at the Assassins’ Guild; Senior Lecturer in Languages at the Assassins’ Guild, House Master of Cobra House, the Assassins’ Guild.
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