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As per a current discussion on the MUD site’s Frog board, it might be a good idea to have an easy-access one-page advertisement for people to link to when trying to recruit new players to our vast, infinite, and altogether awesome fanverse.

I’d like to take a shot at putting one together. So here we go, asking for suggestions as to what information a new, potential player absolutely must have at the first glance. I am thinking a link to the official website, free-to-play, in continuous development since 1991, 70-120 players online at most hours… And a couple of easy-to-share on social networks buttons, of course.

Throw in some comments below, let me know what you think!

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Earl of Briarwyld, Skund; Knight of Ankh-Morpork; Doctor of Languages at the Assassins’ Guild; Master of Dance and Deportment at the Assassins’ Guild; Senior Lecturer in Languages at the Assassins’ Guild, House Master of Cobra House, the Assassins’ Guild.
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3 Responses to DiscworldMUD recruitment page

  1. Kafir says:

    I think perhaps linking to some logs would be a nice touch.

    Perhaps showing some wizard spells and how they work. I know I play an assassin, but I think the spell system in Discworld is perhaps the most amazing game feature I’ve seen in any game.

    Combat logs/Job Logs
    Talker chats showing how the community interacts
    Newspapers (really nice feature that might attract some adept writers)
    Overview of all the different clubs/administrative positions

    This game has a lot to offer and I think that the fact people can still advance while taking a passive approach is especially important which should also be outlined.

    This post is a hot mess, just some quick brainstorming of ideas that I’m sure already crossed your mind.

  2. Sunflower says:

    I think something else that makes us look terribly ancient and boring is the fact that we still use boards over forums.

  3. Raleigh Montague says:

    Do recruitment cards with famous Discworld chars. Name, rank, guild, whatever. And you could make them look like the old Uncle Sam recruitment posters; Discworld MUD needs YOU!

    There are a ton of Discworld-related forums out there that we aren’t tapping. Seriously, imagine being able to walk around the various cities and villages you’ve only read about, interacting with much-loved characters, having the opportunity to be a part of one of the guilds.

    Any lover of the series will jump at the chance.

    -R. Montague

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