Closing registrations

It is pretty evident that we’ve made it onto some bot script somewhere as the site is getting registrations in the hundreds daily at the moment, all the names following the same pattern. While none of these fake accounts can actually post or interact, having them means a pain in the backside for me whenever somebody asks me to search the user directory for their lost account name.

Because of this I am shutting down open registrations at the moment. New roleplayers are still very welcome to register and participate — you’ll just need to mudmail me your desired account name and your email address (to Andrew) in the game instead of registering directly on the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

About Andrew d'Ackerley

Earl of Briarwyld, Skund; Knight of Ankh-Morpork; Doctor of Languages at the Assassins’ Guild; Master of Dance and Deportment at the Assassins’ Guild; Senior Lecturer in Languages at the Assassins’ Guild, House Master of Cobra House, the Assassins’ Guild.
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