Catfished, goodbye.

I’ve always thought that people who fall for Nigerian scams and catfishes largely have themselves to blame for being so naive and trusting; I may have to revise that view.

A few days back I had an argument with someone I thought was a close friend whose erratic behaviour was largely caused by her going through a really hard time. The debate ended with her blocking me on all accessible media, which of course made me quite sad. Tonight I found out that she has been making the rounds of our mutual acquaintances and friends, telling them that I spread vicious rumours about them. Of course none of them were willing to provide screenshots or logs.

A while back, this friend was going through financial trouble and lost internet access when her laptop fried. A number of people, myself included, got involved in a fundraiser affair to buy her a new computer. Every other day or so, we’d get updates from her real life neighbour about how she was doing, reports that were inevitably bleak.

A mutual friend pointed out to me that she had pulled something similar on that friend a few years back. Friend had done a little research and discovered that most of this person’s facebook friends and strong supporters have strangely empty walls and stock photo avatars. In other words, this woman doesn’t just make up fictional people in a roleplaying environment, she makes up fictional people to cheer her on in the real world as well.

You guessed it. Fictional neighbour is one of the people she made up, which means that she had people send her money for a new laptop and paying for her internet access while she was perfectly able to get online. That’s where things move from sad and lonely person with problems and into criminal territory. If there was the slightest chance of police in her country doing a thing about it, I would contact them. Unfortunately, her country is nipping at Nigeria’s heels when it comes to scam infamy, and we’re not talking millions of dollars here.

I am done with DiscworldMUD, of course. This person not only permeates the roleplaying community there, she bloody well is most of it, using at least three separate accounts with multiple characters on each to simulate a group of people. There are sweet and good people playing that game, but I will never be able to look at a new roleplayer face again and not ask myself, is this another of her many faces?

TL;DR — people suck, and people who lie and scam you out of time and money suck even more.

This site will stay online for a bit so that people can grab any logs relevant to them. Do it soon, though, because I see no point in continuing to host.

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