Cat can look at a king..

The courtyard of the Assassins’ Guild

Ruff is leaning against the wall, his hands in the pockets of his very scruffy trousers, his ankles crossed on the ancient boots, and watching the world go by.  The world, being at this moment, Alaia.

Alaia finds herself the object of scrutiny and wrinkles her nose at the scruffy boy.

Ruff is shameless and grins, lifting a hand to tug at his forelock. “Evenin’ miss.”

Alaia folds her arms and looks around her before looking back at you. “Are you LOST?”

Ruff pushes off from the wall, strolling over, cockily, his grin broad, hands in his pockets. “Nah, I thought I’d see ‘ow the other ‘alf live.”

Alaia unscrambles the words in her head until they make sense. She looks curious. “Why?”

Ruff shrugs, offering that cocky grin again, “Why not? A cat can look at a king, can’t ‘e?  Besides, someone told me you ‘ave stupid ‘ats to wear.”

Alaia rolls her eyes. “Nothing could be more stupid than those pants”, she retorts with spirit.

Ruff glances down at his pants, up at her and then shrugs again, “Yeah? You reckon? That why you ain’t wearing the ‘at then?”

Alaia sticks her tongue tip out at you. “I am not a student. ONLY students wear blonk-hats.”

“Ohhhh, you’re a proper assassin then?” Ruff is definitely mocking her, offering that tug at his forelock again.  “Well, excuse me!”

Alaia puts her hands on her hips. “You’re excused.” She points. “The gate’s that way.”

He straightens and grins at her, “Bright too!  It’s good you know where the gates are.  Best make sure no bugger steals it.” Ruff is laughing at her, the brown eyes in that grubby face dancing.

Alaia says: Brighter’n you, lounging about in the assassins’ guild on a cold afternoon without a coat.

“See, I don’t need a coat. There are these hot girls hangin’ around, making me all over heated.”  Ruff waves a hand in front of his face, turning to watch a classmate of Alaia’s pass.  Or parts… 

Alaia snorts and turns to leave, remembering she needs to get to the lodge.

“See you around, hot girl.”  Ruff is amused by the reaction, turning to stroll casually towards the gates, as if he owned the place.

Alaia pffs and disappears inside to chat to Mr Stippler about her lost key. Again.

About Georgina

A book lover, and previously the librarian for both the CS and the MR, Georgina is a demure and quiet person, until books become involved. With a passion for books about history of the Mano Rossa, rare herbs and cookbooks, she is a great collector and often visits the other guilds to examine their rare collections. Her history, should one examine it, is unremarkable, with parents who were a book binder and a librarian...
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