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About Lady PozPaws d'Ackerley

Lady PozPaws d'Ackerley (née D'Odelay) is the youngest daughter of Marquis Percival D'Odelay and Lady Priscilla Ravenscar, and the wife of Sir Andrew d'Ackerley, Earl Briarwyld. Known to her friends and loved ones as Poz, she is a prominent Ankhian socialite, and is as famous for her wit and her writing talents as she is for her beauty. She is also the former prima ballerina of Ankh-Morpork Opera House, and is to date the youngest to have ever been accorded the honour.

A Note of Thanks

<d’Ackerley crest> From the desk of Countess Briarwyld, Endless Park Dear Miss Sivat, I was pleasantly surprised to receive your gift in the mail, along with your very thoughtful note. The skirt is indeed delightful, and I appreciate its charms. … Continue reading

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